Laboratory of Infrared Material and Devices

Under the support of multiple national/provincial research projects (including national science and technology major projects, 973 pre-research projects, national natural science foundation projects, and major scientific and technological projects of the Science/Technology Department of Zhejiang province) and with 10 years of hard work, our lab (the Laboratory of Infrared Materials and Devices of Ningbo University) solved the technical problem of fabricating large-diameter (100-140mm) chalcogenide glasses. To accomplish that, we invented a glass-fabrication technique that integrated the distillation and melting processes of raw materials into a one-step process and designed a two-furnace glass melting instrument that has independent temperature controlling mechanisms. Key technical parameters of our chalcogenide glass products are competitive with first-class commercial products. Specifically, our chalcogenide glasses have good optical transmission at the long wavelength infrared region (typical T>67%@9μm) and low variations of refractive indices among different batches of products (Δn≤3×10-4). Our work in developing large-diameter chalcogenide glasses earned us the National Award for Technological Invention 2nd Prize in 2014.

Our lab is equipped with production lines for small chalcogenide glass samples and pilot production lines that provides 400kg glasses annually. We also have a comprehensive set of patented characterization setups for quality-evaluations of chalcogenide glasses. Currently, our lab provides four types of Arsenic-free Ge-Sb-Se chalcogenide glass products with following sizes: ∅34mm×70mm, ∅50mm×60m, ∅80mm×50mm, and ∅108mm×40mm. Our products have been successfully used and tested in multiple scientific institutions and commercial companies both in China and abroad.

Technical parameters of our NBU-IR series chalcogenide glasses can be downloaded here (in PDF format).

We can also provide customized chalcogenide glass products that has special sizes or performances. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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