Bulk Chalcogenide Glass

The advantages of broad transmission spectrum (extended to 20 micron), low change of refractive index with temperature, and high temperature range make chalcogenide glasses indispensable in the novel adaptive infrared optical system. In addition, the metastable glass nature allows us to improve the thermo-mechanical properties of chalcogenide glasses through crystallization, which also gives a possibility to various active optical applications by the precipitation of optical functional crystals, such as frequency-doubling crystals, rare-earth ions doped crystals, and infrared transmitting nano-porous. We have devoted to the R&D of large size chalcogenide glasses and their infrared optical system, and the crystallization mechanism of optical functional chalcogenide glass-ceramics.

Chalcogenide Glass Fiber

Chalcogenide glass fiber has attracted considerable attention in the development of optical applications in mid-IR spectral region. Especially the emergency of new fiber structure of photonic crystal fiber (PCF), chalcogenide PCF has found increasingly more applications such as mid-IR fiber amplifier/laser, gas sensor, and space exploration, and becomes one of hot topics in optical communication and optoelectronics. In our research group, we have struggled for the development of novel glass composition, numerical simulation, structural design, and fiber drawing technique of chalcogenide PCF, and study on their unique properties such as IR bio-chemical sensor, optical nonlinearities, and IR laser.

Chalcogenide Glass Film

Chalcogenide glasses have been known as the promising candidate materials in nonlinear optical devices due to their ultrashort nonlinear repose (<200 fs) and large figure of merit (FOM). Photosensitivity is another unique property of chalcogenide glasses, in which refractive index change can reach 6% in Ag-doped glass sample. Consequently, it is suitable to achieve photonic integration, i.e. direct laser writing waveguide, Bragg grating, and 2D photonic crystal, etc.. Here, we have devoted to investigate the fabrication techniques, the structure and performance, and the photosensitivity and photo-induced mechanism of chalcogenide glass film, and develop new materials for density information storage and photonic integration chip.

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