Under the supports from Zhejiang Education Committee of Priority Subjects to Discipline Construction and Ningbo Material Science of Priority Subjects to Discipline Construction as well as research projects of national, province and local funds, our lab has purchased domestic and imported equipments with total value of about 20 million RMB. We have built a series of advanced experimental platforms including chalcogenide materials fabrication from small to large sizes, fiber drawing, thin film costing, material physical and chemistry, and optical properties measurements. The main experimental and test equipments are shown bellow:

Material fabrication and process
Super Clean Glove Box
(MIKROUNA Universal 1800, Shanghai)
Vacuum Molecular Pump
(Leybold PT-50, Germany)
Rocking Furnace
Air Circulation Chamber Furnace
(Nabertherm, Germany)
Air Circulation Chamber
Furnace (Domestic)
Automatic Inner Circle Slicer
(Huisheng J5090C-2, Shanghai)
Diamond Wire Saw
(Well MURG 24-A, Switzerland)
Automatic Precision Grinding
and Polishing Machine
(Kejing UNIPOL, Shenyang )

Physics, chemical and structural properties tests
Differential Scanning Calorimeter
(TA Q2000, U.S.A.)
Thermal Dilatometer
(Netzsch DIL402, Germany)
Prism Coupling Device
(SAIRON SPA4000, South Korea)
Vickers Hardness Testing
(Hengyi MH-3, Shanghai)

Lasers and spectral measurements
Ti: sapphire Laser
(Coherent Mira900D , U.S.A.)
Broadband Light Source (547, 632, 808, 980nm wavelength, etc ) (EXFO FLS-2600, Canada) UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer Lamda 950, U.S.A.) FT-IR Spectrometer
(Nicolet 380, U.S.A.)
Fluorescence Spectrometer (Jobin Yvon TIAX550, France) Mid-infrared fluorescence test Z-scan Testing Automated Platform (Domestic) Low-temperature Refrigeration Equipment (Janis CCS-150, U.S.A.)
Infrared Spectrometer (Nicolet 5700, U.S.A.) Fiber Bragg Grating Demodulator (Micron Optics SI720,U.S.A.) 1G Oscilloscope (Agilent infiniium 54833D MSO1G, U.S.A.) 500M Oscilloscope (Yokogawa DLM2054, Japan)
Optical Power Meter (Newport, 1830-C, U.S.A.) Optical Power Meter (Coherent EPM2000, U.S.A.)    

Glass Fiber and Film Fabrication
Optical Fiber Drawing Tower (Youlishen TGL-A, Shanghai) Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer (Furukawa 5175, Japan) Fiber Polishing Machine (Seikou SFP-550, Japan) UV Curing Machine (JH, U.S.A.)

Magnetic and thermal evaporation of composite coating system (JGP-450, Shenyang)

Surface Profiler

(Veeco, Dektak 150, U.S.A.)


Equipments for micro-structure characterization
Confocal Raman Microscopy (Renishaw, inVia, British) Ultra- depth three-dimensional micro optical system (Keyence VHX-1000E, Japan)

X-ray diffraction
(Bruker D2, Germany)

Scanning electron microscope (Tescan VEGA 3 SBH, Czech)
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